Tips & Suggestions - You're Engaged! Now What?

• If you want to include pictures on your invitation, be sure to choose pictures that will work well with the invitation idea that you like.
• If you are using several photos on the invitation, a change of clothing may give you a better varied look.
• If you want a full picture invitation, be sure there is room for writing without your faces being covered with words.
• Let your photographer know what kind of pictures you like. Taking your ideas to your photographer will help you get better results.
• If your wedding colors do not match your picture, it is usually best to not incorporate your colors OR to use black and white photos.
• If you are taking pictures yourself, please be sure to have a file size large enough to use on an invitation.

• Determine ahead of time if you are going for a formal or an informal invitation and stay consistent throughout.
• Stay consistent throughout the invitation.
• We can help you with the wording if you are struggling.

We will email you a proof. 
Please be sure to check:
• Spelling of names 
• Spelling of Venue/Residence
• Times 
• Dates