Cox Printing - 3rd Generation Printers

(4th Generation following suit)

According to family lore, 55 years ago, Max Cox, Sr. "Grampy" was a high school teacher with seven daughters and two sons. So he wanted to find a way to make some extra money to support his family. He purchased a small hand printing press and started printing business cards, tickets and flyers at night in his basement. As his students graduated, they would get engaged and return to ask him to print wedding invitations.

Nowadays it is not uncommon to hear the mother of the bride say, "We got our invitations done at Cox! They were so beautiful and when my daughter got engaged, I knew exactly where to bring her! "

Today, Jeff and Jennifer Cox are the proud owners of Cox Printing. And with four daughters of his own, still needs to find a way to keep those weddings inexpensive.